Every day I am pretty sure I do at least one thing wrong. Most days I do more. I used to think I was alone, until I talked to other parents who were honest. Here is a place for more parents to feel less alone, and more "good enough".

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The May List

10 You Only Live Once Things To Do In May

1. See a man about a dog
2. Wink at someone of the opposite sex
3. Get on TV (but not for winking at someone of the opposite sex)
4. Arm wrestle* (*I recommend someone weaker)
5. Go for it
6. Lie still, close your eyes & listen to the birds in the morning
7. Gambol in grass clippings
8. Feel the sun on your face* (*& other bodily bits)
9. Thinking about somebody else first
10. Be lovely


11. Pack all your house up!!!!

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