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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The July List

Ok, so I have really let this blog slide. Which is understandable, I moved house. But now my life is fairly settled, my house is finally feeling tidy (enough), a home and a place to be, and I've caught up with work paperwork, and only have one week left before the summer holidays, so I think it's time to jump back on it before I get lost all over again. Now, the list for July has some questionable things on it, such as:
2. Get freckles - I don't get extra ones
and 4. Go skimpy - No, I don't think so
and especially 6. Pull a sicky - Again, no, not an option
So, as it's half-way through the month, I figure I can miss up to half the things, so 3 knocked off is no trauma :D Here's the new list:

10 (or now 7) Do-it-just-do-it Things to Do in July

1. Grab life by the round things
3. Have extra cream on your strawberries (or extra strawberries on your cream if you are that way inclined)
5. Cut the crusts off your sandwiches
7. Stay out til it's actually properly dark
8. Party
9. Finish the icecream
10. Be lovely

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