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Friday, 3 May 2013

The May List 2013

May Outside-ness Mantra

Repeat after me......

1. At last flip flop o-clock is here
    & this month of may, I will get OUT & about
    Yes: Out of my comfort zone*
    (*which is where the magic happens)

2. I will spend at least 82% of my time in nature*
    (*including at night under the stars)
    Indeed, Alfresco will be my middle name*
    (*I may even get deed poll involved to make this official)

4. I will run til my legs hurt
    & laugh til my belly aches
    & have picnics.

5. I will go to places I have never been
    & have seven kinds of adventure.

Yes, May, you will be a breath-of-fresh-air kind of month you will.

and as we now also have a "the bright side" family calendar......

May Family Magic

1. Dance around in the kitchen*
(*if your kitchen is really small develop an innovative routine using very small movements ONLY)

2. Make stripey lollipops in the freezer

3. Fill your house with flowers

4. Learn a new skill*
    (*and show it off)

5. Gaze at clouds & stars & anything that makes you look up

6. Invite round your neighbours

7. Have your first BBQ

& Always look on the Bright Side

8. Pack up the entire house and move AGAIN - very reminiscent of The May List 2011, however with two extra people and lots more extra stuff* (*fortunately to a much a bigger house with, hopefully, places for it all to belong!)

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