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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A whole new beginning....

I'm debating leaving facebook. It's something I think about every now and again. Recently a few friends have left and said that after a week or so they really don't miss it. They feel like they are living 'real life' again. I feel sometimes it brings out the negative side of me. It's so easy to moan, or to get into arguments over stupid pointless memes.
I use it to keep in touch with friends I've met on facebook, or through BC. To keep in touch with far away friends, local friends with the same interests or parenting ideas. The home education community is busy on there. I could use it when starting up in self employment if that is what I choose to do. But something in me feels like I will be more free if I leave.
It's hard to decide. I'm going to put the idea to one side for now. I need to do that more often, instead of trying to work on lots of ideas at once I just need to focus on the most current. Right now I need to plan Jessica's birthday. Then Disneyland, then moving. After that I can focus on self employment and our wedding.
But maybe, after we move and before I start those next two 'projects', I could put some time into my 'real life', figure that out first, and move forwards from there. You never know, it could be a whole new beginning ;-)


  1. Know exactly how you feel...left last week then had a bit of a wobble over weekend and went back. This time tho seems a lot easier and no longer missing it. xx

  2. Thought you were quiet x. I am determined not to wobble, have just deactivated now but in a month or two I'm planning to download all my content and have my account permanently deleted. All day I've been thinking in 'fb statuses' - how ridiculous is that??

  3. I am now 2 weeks facebook free, and it's becoming much easier now, I miss a couple of groups (crafty cooking ones) and may join under my "spare" profile but not sure yet. I do feel liberated, it is quite refreshing :)