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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pirate Pandemonium

Today we went to Pirate Day!! Which the children loved and it was really fun, it was really great to see Adam enjoying himself as it was busy but not TOO busy for him, and I can really see his capability to deal with busier places is increasing which is encouraging. He did become anxious about getting pictures of everybody, and we missed Captain Hook, but instead of being upset he decided somebody else might put one up somewhere that we could see and that he was lucky to have got the rest, so another positive change also in how he is dealing with disappointments.

The day was slightly marred by some stupid old man who decided to plough into the bunch of children that Adam and Jessica were in and drag a little girl along under his scooter because he was fed up that the town was busier than normal, but luckily the little girl seemed to be ok and the bloke was caught on CCTV so hopefully will get his comeuppance. Jessica was asking at bedtime about the bad man and if the little girl is ok, think she was rather shocked by it all as she kept saying in her bed "Myra wouldn't do that, Myra stops her scooter doesn't she for children"...hmm think Myra may be answering some long questions next time we see her at coffee morning! (Myra is a lady we know who uses a mobility scooter, she is much nicer than the man today!) Again, Adam didn't become too anxious about this, was reassured the girl was ok and happily enjoyed the rest of his day. It appears he is growing up! As I said to him today, he is the first nearly 10 year old I have had, so I might get some stuff wrong when I'm trying to help him with life changes and learning to be accountable and take responsibility for things, but hopefully we will muddle through together.

Here are some pics of our fun :D

Jessica refusing to have her picture taken....
 My two little tearaways
 A picture with Peter Pan!!
 And, Jessica's shoes. She stole my camera again.
It was a pretty cool laid back kind of a morning, which is unusual for my two with organised public events, and we even managed to walk all the way home (aided by three bags of sweets from the market) without me having to do any carrying. I am hoping for some sleep tonight as they are all most definitely shattered, although Toby hasn't got the memo that it has cooled down and is not managing with the heat today despite being fine for the past week at hotter temperatures, go figure. Tomorrow we shall crack on with the school holiday plans, and after 3 more days of school next week, all systems are go :D


  1. Ah, forgot to tell John about it and he didn't look in Zak's school bag. We're keeping very quiet about it. John walked through town to the train station at about 2, I hoped he see it if he hadn't picked it up and linger a while, but it was al packed up? He entirely missed it - or so he says, anyway; all he saw was market stalls packing up clearly right where this was! Amy loves pirates; I even shared your status; quietly kicking myself since Saturday.

  2. (He was taking Amy to York to go and fetch his car, left after works barbecue)

  3. We left at 130ish as we had seen morning shows but they were being repeated at 2 and 3, market never packs up before 4pm so thInk he musrve got mixed up? Wouldnt worry about it though, im forever feeling guilty for the kids missing stuff and they usually aren't as bothered, its just parental guilt! Plus they said it's going to be an annual event so you can go next year :-)

  4. Sorry for the shocking mistakes, Toby is firmly attached to me tonight!