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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Important Things in Life

I have been hesitant to post as we had a trip to A+E on Saturday. Again. This time with Toby receiving a really scary head injury. Again. This time he didn't have to stay in but he has a very obvious injury to his forehead meaning we are constantly getting asked what has happened and when we tell people, getting constantly reminded of what could have happened; either by them telling us or just from the shocked looks on their faces. My poor brave little man who fell down the stairs at 5 weeks old and has two skull fractures, was hit on the head by a falling metal tv bracket and has a deep cut to the front of his forehead. How on earth he managed to escape with only a deep cut to the forehead goodness only knows. Probably the same way he managed to escape with only two fractures and no permanent brain injury after a fall down a full flight of stairs. He is such a chilled out relaxed happy baby that it makes us feel even worse that these freak accidents keep happening to him. This picture was taken shortly after he had just had his head glued.

So happy?? He was actually smiling at the nurses when they were cleaning it. My funny little chap. Surprisingly we have not had a social services visit. To be honest as much as obviously I don't really want one it disturbs me that two head injuries in 6 months hasn't been flagged up, no wonder so many cases go unnoticed until it is too late.

So that is my confession for the week. That my little baby has had another freak accident and even though it could have happened to anybody, as could our first accident, I still feel rather rubbish about it. I suppose any normal parent would, it would be rather unusual not to be bothered.

Other than that, my week has been filled with trying to get things done such as order school uniforms for September, pay for school trips, send admissions forms back into the school office, ring up about the council tax, send a complaining email to Sky, get the car hire booked for my sisters wedding, find something to wear to my sisters hen do, tidy the house ready for the Children's Centre lady coming to visit tomorrow and sort out our wedding guest list. In answer to your question of how many of these things have I done? None. Zilch. Nada. I have however done lots of feeding Toby, tickling Jessica, chatting with Adam and drinking tea with James. All the important things in life ;)

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