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Friday, 15 April 2011

It's all going on........:D

Ah, I have spent half the night on the Tube website planning our trip to London next week. Thanks to a suggestion from a lovely April BB lady I have discovered the Transport Museum so will be headed there, along with trips to the Natural History and Science Museum, a looooooooong walk around Hamley's, and of course, let's not forget "WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, OBVIOUSLY MUMMY!" Duh, there was me thinking we went there last year and he'd not mentioned World War 2 for a while. Ah well, least Jess might see a bit this time, she slept through most of it last year lol.
So now I am all excited, have also planned most of the rest of the holidays out, have a few spare days weather permitting we might go to Lister Park + funfair next Wednesday or Thursday if anybody fancies it (potentially Thursday in the hope of wearing them out for the train ride Thursday evening :D). I have bought Jessica's birthday presents with my mum last night, apparently I should've bought either the car OR the kitchen, but hey they're only young once, be right ;p Haven't bought Adam's present to her yet either, oops.
Recently, I feel my whole life has been taken over by Tesco. I work near Tesco, and everybody shops there because it's the only supermarket nearby. The children wear loads of Tesco clothes, we have snack from Tesco, and when the new children ask where their parents are we say they've gone to Tesco to buy milk and will be back soon. If one of the owners has nipped out, the children usually say "Gone to Tesco?" Then, you know, the new relationship I sort of mentioned, well he works at another Tesco. And then I ordered my garden table and chairs, and only place I could get them from - Tesco Direct. My friend says "My mum's moved to Great Horton", I say "Oooh where I work there", she says "Just round the corner from that big Tesco". TESCO TESCO TESCO hahahahahahaha, and to think I've not been in the place for years prior to this. Anyway, so tonight I decided to buy tea in Bradford on the way home, I'd missed the bus to town so I thought, you know what, might aswell go to Tesco for food then can just go straight home. So, as mentioned on Facebook, I went over to the dark side, and entered Tesco. Had a wander around, bought a garlic crusher that I've been forgetting to buy for a month, and then, accidently bumped into the childrenswear department. Wow, it is actually not bad!!! Hello Kitty knickers for Jessica (she is liable to potty-train soon, a whole year earlier than Adam did!), a Transformers hat for Adam. Plus countless other items including StarWars + Sonic tshirts for half the price last years cost me at Next. Luckily, both children actually need new clothes, having decided to grow out of virtually everything, including shoes + coats, at exactly the same time as each other. So, might actually go back again sometime, definitely a better selection than Asda, which is pretty much Winnie-the-pooh, tigger, or pink, and stripes + skulls for boys. The toy selection was awesome too, but I resisted. Because, well, I think I won't be able to resist letting them choose something from Hamleys. So NO toys until then.
Tonight, I have planned out all our Easter holidays. I am sorting all their clothes out tonight, going shopping for new clothes for me tomorrow and the remainder of their's on Monday whilst they are with me. I am feeling really organised and upbeat and like everything is finally falling into place and coming together. I have lots of things to look forward to in the next month, with birthdays and parties and trips away, and just some quality chilling out time at home.
To that end, I'm going to post one of my favourite ever songs on here. It is, obviously, written by Bon Jovi. And, well, it just has been one of those songs that seems to crop up often for me, when things are changing around. Right now, I think it is more apt than ever.
Tomorrow, I am going shopping to buy some clothes for me, for just when I want to be me. Not going out clothes or work clothes, just me clothes. And then I am going to spend two weeks with some of my favourite people in the world, and then I am going back to work and taking Jessica with me and I know she will love it, and I will love really getting back into work mode as we are getting busier. And then, well who knows, but some pretty good things are lined up, a birthday meal out and a silver anniversary party and a long weekend, and spring bank holidays, and a music festival, and a long summer holiday in the garden, and well just lots and lots of simple good times with simple good people, and yes, it's just life, life is happening and yes it is looking good xx.

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