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Friday, 1 April 2011

"You're Original....Cannot Be Replaced"

It is the start of a new month!!! But, I have been ill most of the week and had to have 3 days off work (which everybody who knows me knows I hate to do so that is how ill I was). So, tomorrow I will do a catch-up on last month and the aims for this month etc.

But, I have to say, that the week has ended good, and this next month looks like it should be a good one if the start of it is anything to go by :) Last night, I was feeling better and decided to spend time with some friends before my day back at work. And, in their own ways, they all made me feel happy with who I am and how my life is going. And tonight, I am going out, in the dress I wore in Edinburgh wow!! When I wore it  in Edinburgh, I was with people who haven't known me all my life, people who I don't see every week, and it was highly unlikely I would bump into anybody I knew. To wear it in Bingley, for me, is a big leap of faith, and hopefully my confidence will stand up to the challenge :) Also, hopefully, I won't fall over and flash my knickers at everybody ;p
I also have just been asked for ID in the co-op, which was rather funny, especially as I had none on me due to not driving, but my look of disbelief and laughing that I was 28 seemed to do trick instead lol. Apparently, I look 24 tonight, and that is under the Ask 25 rule. Hmm. I'll take it with a pinch of salt ;p
Anyways, let's have a group listen to my favourite song to boost my confidence tonight :D

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