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Monday, 11 April 2011

You Live You Learn

I have had an amazingly busy week, with lots of things happening. And it's caused me to look back and think. In the last 6 months, I have moved house and area, returned to work and got a new job, ended a long-term relationship, made some really good new friends, drifted from a couple of old ones, gone back to church, changed many of my own personal goals and plans for the future, and possibly, albeit rather tentatively, started a new relationship - the gossip train's are up and running, might as well confirm it, but shhhhhh because I am a bit shy :s. That's quite a lot of change for one person. But, good change. And that is the key, changes can be good, if you make the right decisions. I have had important decisions to make this week, and am hoping that I have made the right ones, so fingers crossed!!
This weekend has been one of those weekends that feels like it has stretched on forever, like it's ages since I have been at work. And as I finally found my house keys and camera, we have been in the back garden, and taken lots of pictures!!
Nappies drying outside where they belong!

The tree I tore down with my bare hands :D

 The decimated tree...........yeah Jessica could snap it too, I guess it was kinda dead......

 Jessica being embarrassed that she had got herself trapped

 I will FORCE my way through!!!
 Putting them to work - not exactly child labour, it is going to be their area!
 Outdoor living ahhhhhhh......
 Adam seemed to look very old to me this Sunday :( and :), mixed feelings :s
 And then Jessica let me plait her hair and looked all grown up too!!!
 Jessica's first plait
 So all is good - but now what do we do with this lot???

 So, yes, to be fair, I am still up and down. The smallest things can make me feel rubbish yet big massive things I can sometimes handle. It works the other way though, the smallest things can make me feel on top of the world. And it's those small things that need to be focused on, rather than the ones that have a negative affect.
Today was a good day because:
I got the washing put out on the line before I set off for work and still set off on time
I thought I had only enough money for a fare to Bradford, but then my card had money on so I could get a dayrider
The weather brightened up just at the right time for me to go home with no coat on
I got the washing up done before both children came home tonight
The washing outside was all dry despite the earlier rain shower
I got invited to a party
All those little things just made me feel happy and alive. I love my job, and my house is great, my garden is amazing, and I have incredibly great friends and family.
I just feel there is a lot to do right now, so much to organise and work out, and I often feel like I'm walking through a minefield, constantly negotiating and retracing my steps, and it's kind of tiring. Sometimes I wish I could fast-forward my life to a more settled time, but then how would I learn anything or grow into who I am supposed to be? And as I write this, "We live, we learn" is coming into my head. Think it's an Alanis Morisette song, must find it. Ah, here we go:

Today's thought? Ask yourself this question - What's the worst that could happen? And if you can live with that, then do it.

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