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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Ain't that a shame, you're the one to blame"

OH wow I haven't posted for nearly a week!!! I realised tonight I have rather "overspilled" on facebook today, which generally means I need to write, and looking at the date of my last one it is no wonder!!!
Tonight I feel young and old and rather on the brink. On the brink of change, of new things, of good things, of scary things. I danced around the kitchen with Jessica to "Born This Way", and she was laughing her little head off bless her. I think, what is the point of being a young mum if my children don't benefit from it in some ways? You shouldn't try to be something that you're not. The problem is I'm too old to be a proper young mum, but I'm too young to be considered a normal age mum (well, for Adam anyway). I'm too single and working to be considered a normal "good" mum anyway haha. I have responsibilities and like to cook good food for the children and I budget (ish ;p), but then also I like to throw parties and go to theme parks and sleep over at people's houses so I don't have to get up so early for work in the morning ;p
But you know, does this really have anything to do with age? Does anybody really ever stop being themselves, or is that they feel like they can't be themselves because they have to be a mum like everybody else is. But if everybody is feeling like that, and we all acknowledge this, then surely there will be no need to be like that anymore? It should still be ok to have a personality and a life, there should be no need to hide it away and pretend that you don't exist, or at least exist as more of a shadow of your former self.
How can we expect our children to grow up to be proud of themselves, happy with who they are, if we ourselves hide our personalities away as we grow older?
Well, I personally am no longer going to do that. And I am going to tell them that they are amazing and superstars and beautiful and special and that they should never be anything that they are not. Even if it does mean that they dance crazily around the kitchen, or wear short dresses and go off to Edinburgh for a weekend to be a bit mad, or save loads of programmes on skyplus and then delete them all cos they can't be bothered watching them. Our children learn by example, and we can only expect them to be happy being themselves, if we do this also.
I am now going to carry on with my party plans, and spend all the money I don't have :D And listen to "The Best Rock n Roll Love Songs". Cos they're awesome ;p

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