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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Take it or leave it.

I am a bit wound up right now and shouldn't really be blogging as I might type the wrong things. But hey, I'll attempt it anyway :D
Adam has been doing some ace Star Wars impressions for me tonight, the C3P0 one is soooo good I even knew who it was without him saying!!! So that has cheered me up. And I DID think Jessica had been cute and fallen asleep on her cat book, until I realised a real cat had sneaked in my door and was asleep on my bed grrrrrrr. Now I have to change my bed, how wonderful :s
So, this weekend I had a totally fantabulous time on the BC April 09 NAG weekend in April!! And I find myself, when explaining this to people, worrying what they think too much. Yes, I did spend a weekend with people I have never met before!! Well, I had met four of them last year, at the first NAG in Manchester. But last year, I spent a night with people I had never met before lol!! But the thing is, I have talked to them so much that I feel like I know them so well, sometimes better than people I have met, and they know everything and they are lovely and so friendly and unjudgemental and they know what it's like to have a toddler the same age as Jessica and they were there when I had to stop breastfeeding, and when I was deciding about cloth, and when she was ill, and when Adam was ill, and when she has tantrums, and when my relationship ended, and when my nephew passed away, and these people are so supportive and I do know them, they are not strangers. I had an amazing time, because these people, they just know me as I am, and that makes me feel confident to just be me. A compliment that I have great legs, means a lot, because they don't have to say that - they don't have to ever see me again if they don't want. They mean it. And some of the girls from last year, commented on how much more I was smiling this year. And I just felt happy, and it was fun, and wow the food was amazing!! Because obviously, the food is the most important part of a weekend away ;p And the cocktails :D
I'm 28, and I have nice hair, and great legs (when covered!), and my facebook statuses are funny, and my kids are cute, and my blog is interesting, and I love my job, and I'm brave enough to meet people I've never met in a city I've never been to, and I know what swiss chard is, and I have a bad habit of frequently buying new underwear, and I like to sleep out at my friends house when I don't have the kids because they're great company, and I don't have to get up so early in the morning for work, and I am happier this year, and I need to buy an espresso machine because I've become addicted, and I can wear short dresses and they look amazing and not trashy, and I deserve to buy myself new things when I want to and can afford it, and I have the right to have a fun good weekend away, and I am moving on, and I might meet somebody else at some point because I have the right to without being judged and without it making the past 7 years meaningless.
That's me.

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