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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Higher, Higher and Higher!!!!!!

Woohoo!! I have found a festival, that is family friendly and not too overwhelmingly massive for the kids (and me haha), in the NORTH of England!!! How ace is that!!! I just need to figure out travel and tents etc, I am probably being totally too optimistic here, but I think that if I managed to get 5 trains to Wales and back with Adam at 3 (and still in nappies), with a pram, and 5 days worth of luggage. Then surely I should be able to manage with them both on a train with only 1 change, and a shuttle bus? I mean, I'll only need enough stuff for the 3/4 days, and you can get those little pop-up type tent things right? Uhm, yes, I'm being wildly optimistic I know, but sometimes you have to be!! And, I managed with a buggy and a kids suitcase and a massive rucksack and a little bag on all those trains, so I figure if I have the same but with an extra 7 year old to help me pull/carry things, should be ok? Hahaha, I know, I'll figure something out I'm sure. I really really really want to go!!! It would be cool if other people wanted to come along too, but I have decided that I should go anyway with the kids and not be a scaredy-cat just because nobody else can come.
Ah, so, that is my hyper-ness over and done with for the night. And breath. I'm really looking forward to starting my new job after the hols, can't believe how lucky I've been to find somewhere that seems so nice and friendly and small and well-organised. And Adam is totally chuffed that I'll be off in the school holidays, bless him.
I have been told, by a qualified therapist, that lists are a good thing. So "ner" to all you people who have laughed at my list-making. Apparently, it breaks things down into manageable chunks, helps our brain to process, and means we are more likely to complete the tasks. HA!!
And on that note, I have had lots of people asking about the cleaning method I put on facebook yesterday. I purposely put on facebook I was cleaning so I wouldn't be able to be distracted on there! Now, I did get the idea from somewhere on the internet and I've forgotten where, and I have adapted it anyway, so I'm going to call it "Chaos Clean" (thanks to Sarah Iles for that idea!), that way I won't be stealing anybody else's title (I think it was called a Crisis Clean, so this is NOT a Crisis Clean :D)
Chaos Clean Rules
  1. Don't get distracted doing extra things that don't really need doing right now, or distracted by moving things between rooms.
  2. Make sure you're fully dressed so you feel properly awake
  3. Have happy energetic music playing on a playlist so you don't have to keep skipping tracks etc.
Then, you start in the kitchen. 15 minutes. Get rid of all the rubbish, stack the washing up + put things to soak etc. Anything that doesn't belong there just stack by the door. When 15 minutes is up, stop immediately. Move to the living room, taking the door pile with you. Again, get rid of any rubbish, and stack anything that doesn't belong in there by appropriate door (hall if belongs upstairs, kitchen if belongs in there). Just work your way through, sorting things into piles. After 15 minutes, immediately stop. Go back to the kitchen, carry on what you were doing. After 15 minutes, stop and have a 15 minute break. Then start the cycle again, but instead of doing the kitchen twice (that's just a kick-start cos kitchen usually messiest), do a different room i.e. bathroom or bedroom. So for example: Kitchen, Living Room, Kitchen, BREAK. Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom. Remember to only do 15 minutes in each room or you'll get bored and lose motivation, and have 15 min break every 45 minutes. I personally, only do 2 cycles at a time because the bedrooms I usually do on a night when the children aren't here so 2 cycles does all my downstairs and bathroom. You won't believe how much you get done! As one person commented, at first you feel guilty leaving a room half-done, but then you go back to it you feel like it's easier because you've already done half of it x.
I think, this approach can be applied to lots of things in life. You look at something and think it's overwhelming. But if you divide it up into manageable chunks, you can do it. And you need to remember, to always give yourself a break. Far too often we beat ourselves up over things that really we shouldn't. Everybody is human, everybody deserves to blow off a little steam, have a little rant, have a little slob, and then pick themselves up and start over. Step by step, day by day. This week I had a lot on and my mind was totally going crazy. I wrote it all down, divided it up between the days, and then thought "oh, I don't have that much to do each day."
Today's song is "Don't Worry, Be Happy" Bobby McFerrin, followed by "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" Jackie Wilson. I distinctly remember dancing madly around with a 4 year old to these songs in my last job, and that vision will always be with me :D

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