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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Bright Side of Life

I have discovered today that I am incredibly clever. Psychic in fact. Today, I have done nothing at all, because Adam wanted to stay at home and do nothing, and Jessica was rather tired and clingy. And then, when I looked in my diary just now, it said "Pottering only Sunday". So, now I am completely justified in the decision I made this morning. I must remember to check it every morning - would hate to miss out on an event like that :D
So, Friday 4th Feb was supposed to be "bake a cake day". But I didn't do it, because I was going out Friday night and didn't have the children back until Saturday so I figured it would be wasted. I have made the executive decision to move it to next Friday (the 11th), when I have my friends coming around so I can feed it to them.
I had a chance to look on the bright side today. A friend decided to come around tonight to see me as I wasn't having a completely fabulous day. However they then realised they had to do something else that is rather important. This upset me for a while (although I must add I was not upset with the friend as it was a genuinely good reason), but as always, determined not to falter in the early days of this year of adventures, I found the bright side. I had tidied up for my friend coming, so now I am sat in a lovely tidy house, with spare time on my hands to relax. Indeed, there is always a silver lining to every grey cloud. I seem to remember when my mum used to say that to me, I always replied with "so then, there's always a grey cloud with every silver lining, right?" Argh, in 5 and a bit years I too shall be the parent of a teenager and truly understand why my mother's hair went grey.
So, tonight, with my lovely clean house and free time, me and Adam set up his Triops tank.

Which also has an extra bonus, in that it made me tidy my desk. Here it is:

I'll tidy the floor tomorrow...........

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