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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Let The Children Lead The Way

So. Today. Today was all about the kids. Adam had his best friend over for tea, and I don't think I stopped laughing from the moment I picked them up from school to the moment I dropped him back with his mum. Kids, they sure do teach you to look on the bright side. On the way home from school, they were messing with a traffic cone and Adam ended up getting his wobbly front tooth knocked out by his friends hand. Blood all over the place. What's the first thing he says? "Oh wow, tooth fairy!!!" Shortly followed by "At least I'd finished my sweets". If there is a child on the planet who knows how to look on the bright side, he has got to be it. Here are some more sage words of wisdom from the dynamic duo:
"You shouldn't have sticks cos you know if you wave them about you could scratch a car" - at this point we were nowhere near a car, nor any sticks.
"Adam, you know your sister, she's standing on my toes and it's hurting." "Well, she just thinks she's dancing with you, it's how you learn to dance by standing on people's feet".
"My other front tooth is going to fall out soon." "Do you remember when Lauren had no front teeth?" "I remember when I pulled Lauren's hair in nursery and she gave me a nosebleed, she could've just pulled my hair back!"
"I remember when somebody swore at me so I told the teacher so they swore at me again." "I don't know any swear words." "Don't you??" Me (from the other room) "Don't teach him any!!" Adam - "This is a private conversation!!"
"I'm not eating that pizza it's got your germs on it, your mum can cos she's got same germs as you." "That's cos she's got same blood as me." "I've got a bit of same blood as you cos I'm your friend. Hannah has the same blood as you cos she's your girlfriend"
Both of them looked at Jessica eating tea. "How can she get so mucky and not want to clean herself?"
Whilst walking Harrison home in the dark, we were obviously keeping an eye out for witches. "Can you see the Snow White witch over there?" "Oh yeah she is, but she's far away." "That's cos my Isaac teddy is keeping us safe."
"Shall we look at school in the dark?" "We could sleep there" "No, it's a witch school at night, look that's the witchs hair" (points at trees). "No, it's the mane of the evil headmaster, they're in there now learning evil spells and if they see us the trees will say - YOU WILL GET A DETENTION (said in a very evil gravelly voice by Adam).

Kids are hilarious. It is absolutely impossible to be unhappy when you have these crazy children around, wiggling their bums to "I want you back" on the Wii, and trying to blag my head about tooth fairies giving TEN POUNDS for first front teeth when they fall out. Hmm.

So, today was a good day. I also had a really good night chatting to an old friend, who has now determined that I definitely need to get a scanner to embarrass lots of people with photos from my now legendary house parties. Mainly involving pretzels, straws, and beanbag balls, among many other things. And do you know what? My teenage years were fun!! Too often we look back and think of the negative, what went wrong and what we should have done. But it's the small things, the fun times, that maybe weren't life changing but whilst we were there and living them, we were alive. We were real, we were us, and even now they make us smile just remembering.

I have my job interview tomorrow. And if I don't get the job, it won't be because I'm not good enough. It will just be because somebody else is better. But that is not the same as me not being good enough, because I know I would be super fantastic at this job. Everything happens for a reason, events shape who we are, and I have to say that right now, tonight, I like being me.

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