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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"Yeah I'm Down, But I Know I'll Get By"

Ah. My house, 3 hours ago, was an absolute complete bombsite. You could barely see the living room floor, and every single kitchen surface was covered. And the floor was covered in dry pasta. So, I decided, tonight was the night!!! I planned my playlist, and I dug out my crisis clean plan. And after starting at 18.55, at 20.50 I was done. Is it pretty damn tidy? Yes. Is it completely finished? No. Do I have tomorrow night to finish it? Yes. So is there a need to kill myself completing it tonight? No.
We must learn our limitations. If I clean for hours on end today, tomorrow I will be tired, I will be fed up, I will not keep up with cleaning or feel like doing anything else, and by Friday I will be back in a mess. So, I promised myself I would finish by 9pm, and I have. And I still feel good. Now I feel like the rest of my week is achievable, if I can clear that much mess in that much time then the rest should be fine!
My favourite song at the moment is "Someday I'll be Saturday Night" by Bon Jovi. Take the time to listen to the lyrics, they're good :D
"Some day, I'll be Saturday night, I'll be back on my feet I'll be doing alright. It may not be tomorrow baby that's ok, I ain't goin down I'm goin to find a way...."
It doesn't have to be today, or tomorrow. It doesn't have to be anytime. But one day, it will be time.
I have signed up for my next Open University course. I figured if I did the last one whilst pregnant and working where I was and the hours I was, then I should be ok haha! I've decided to alter course a bit though, as I've discovered recently that I really enjoy helping people figure stuff out. And, uhm, my therapist was stealing ideas from me today............
I feel like, since I started writing this, I have also started talking to people a lot more. I feel "amiated" nearly every day, and have also received some lovely messages from people about this blog helping them. Next week I am going on holiday and it's going to be strange, with no internet. But hopefully it will give me time to reflect and have space, and finish Isaac's birth sampler which has been sorely neglected in the past month!! Obviously, you will all miss me so badly that when I come back it will be to a zillion facebook messages practically begging me to write something, anything, immediately. You will be happy to know that I will be taking a notebook and pen with me to write down any strange bizarre wanderings my mind takes, and any scarily insightful remarks made by Adam. Also, I will be taking the camera to record all of the mishaps Jessica manages to get herself into and involve the rest of the family in. If you see any strange news on the tv concerning Dumfries, just pretend you never heard of us. But, that is not until Saturday, so I am sure to be back with my crazy ramblings before then. And on that note, I am off to eat cake and watch some sky plus in my lovely tidy living room xx.

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